Pep Boys
Dont work for Pep Boys

To anyone who is unemployed and looking for a job, scratch Pep Boys off your list, and do it fast. This is without question the worst company to work for ever... and that is saying a lot. I worked in the service department and was paid minimum wage plus commission. Given the nature of the cost of repair sales, you would think the commission would be great, right? Wrong, because the jerk off higher-ups have formulated a way of screwing their employees with this customer satisfaction survey.

Basically, you have a rating attached to your name, and the only way to keep it up is to get a 9 or 10 on the survey that is printed on a customer receipt; anything less than that counts against your rating and lowers it. If your score drops below the threshold that is considered "acceptable", the company witholds half your commission until you get it back above it, and you have until the end of the quarter to do it, otherwise the commission they withold is Pep Boys' for good. Anyone who has worked in customer service knows how these surveys work: Getting a customer to do it for you is nearly impossible, and the ones that do participate are one's you somehow managed to piss off and give you low scores out of spite.

On top of which, I had a manager who was the biggest asshole on the planet and I hated his guts with a passion. He would constantly get on everybody about everything, but it was perfectly OK for him to walk through the service bays in flip flops and socks (imagine how much fun OSHA would of had with that one). He also consistently booked the schedule in such a way that he would never have to close the store, and not have to work weekends, leaving the rest of us to deal with the dirty work. Anyone who has worked in customer service will also tell you that nights and weekends are a must if you work in their field.

My opinion is stay the h*ll away from customer service in general, but if you're left with little choice but to work a retail job, stay far, far, far away from Pep Boys.

Offender: Pep Boys
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Mesa
Address: 1233 S Country Drive

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