Americorp Diesel Repair Inc
Americorp Fleet maintenance Tried to overcharge, tow truck and claimed he put a spell on Truck.

My truck broke down in Houston TX and I called Americorp. They came out and tried to fix the truck it was evident that the mechanic did not have a clue and was just replacing parts until he got it right. So after about 4 hours that night(after hours billing) He decided to replace the air dryer( it cost $540.00). So he came back the next morning and replaced the air dryer . OK that did not work and of course it took him another 3 hours to try to fix. At this point the truck will not even move so it is in worse shape then when he started working on it.

I called the owner Derrick and he informed me that the only option was for him to tow my truck into his shop and that at that point we owed $1400. just in labor. We asked how because the truck was in worst shape and at the point he could not guarantee that he could fix the truck because he claimed that the man Steven working on the truck was one of his best mechanics.

We informed him that we did not want the truck towed and at that point we pulled up the internet and found several cases where he had overcharged people. He claimed that he was going to tow our truck to his shop so that he could finish fixing it and used scare tactics claiming that we could get huge fines and that was our only option. We informed him that he did not have the right to tow our truck and that we were not going to pay this outrageous bill for someone to practice mechanics.

Well all this time the mechanic is still standing at our truck doing nothing on the clock and when he finally left he took the air dryer back off and Derrick the owner calls and tells me that he had put a spell on the truck and that he was on his way to tow it. Luckily we found Inca Truck Repair and they fixed our truck for $340, that same night. It is ridiculous and should be considered price gouging the way that some shady repair shops take advantage of Truckers misfortune when they are hundreds of miles from home.

Offender: Americorp Diesel Repair Inc
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Houston
Address: 8010 N. Freeway
Phone: 8669999272

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