All coast auto transport
Robert rumenique

i want to start by saying that i made an agreement with mr:Rumenique who works for all coast auto transport, on 02/14/2012 where it agreed that on the 02/20/2012 the vehicle would be picked up, stayed that a deposit of $200 needed to me made at first then the remaining $500 upon arrible of the car , wish i agreed. on the 02/20/2012 no one called to report a status on the case after being calling for 3 day .on the 02/23/2012 the trucker called staying that he had family emergency and that because of that reason he was unable to pick up the car for me, i understood perfectly. then i called the customer service department to let them know what had happend and to see what steps i need it to do now, they never respond to any of my phone calls or mesages, then on 02/28/2012 mr: Rumenique answer my call and tels me he has nothing to talk to me about then gives the customer service number to deal with them in a really rude manner, i called and mrs: Helen answerd she ruddly said we do not speak spanish and hung the phone,

that when I Marelys G Daughter of Rolando M above mentined person who was the one who made the contract with them, he being on the line aproving the translation/to speak on his behve , mrs:Helen hung the phone but prior said i have nothing to talk to you we didnt make a deal with you and said if you still want the car you have to pay an addition $150.00 dollars to what was agreed upon contract and wait till tomorrow that we contact you to tell you the driver information. I really believe that they are a repoff. never seen such a company that would steal money from people like this they kept my money and never brought me my vehicle.

Offender: All coast auto transport
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Boca raton
Address: 500 ne spanish river blvd
Phone: 5618070478

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