Ford Motor Company
Ford Syc/Mytouch, a faulty program that Ford can not repair and does not stand behind, while they waste their time blaming Microsoft.

First, and foremost, if you have seen the new Ford commercials, ignore them. They are only trying to combat issues customers' have had by creating false positive reports. I would say a car was great if I were paid to do so as well, but as an actual 2011 Ford Egde owner, it is not great technology, and I am not being paid to say anything.

Anyways, starting in 2011 Ford released Ford Sync with Ford Mytouch. This program and vehicle feature is a bust. For example, my 2011 has been in the shop 8 times, not all of which they record, which benefits them. They say it has been in 3 times, I have paperwork for 5 of the 8 times, and it is due to go in once in the coming weeks, and again in the first quarter of next year. Also, if you go to service, make sure they type in the issue the EXACT same way EVERY single time or Ford will say it is all different issues, even if it one or two works off. They also, claim that unless it was a required repair by Ford, it is considered a "customer satisfaction repair" and does not count into the repair cont. For example, if they do not have an update for the system, but it is still turning itself off and they try to fix it, Ford does not consider that a repair attempt since the software was not changed.

They Mytouch system turns itself off at will, mind you, this feature is a main selling point and with the vehicle costing around 36,000 I expect better than this. Not only does the screen turn off at will, but it will occasionally stay off for days. When this system turns off it controls some important features including all radio sound and function, air conditioner control, phone control, 911 emergency assist, vehicle health, navigation, and so on.

I created a claim with the for these issues, Ford offered me $515 dollars upon completion of a repair, I went ahead with the repair, but it did not fix the vehicle. So, since the vehicle is still having problems the $515 dollar offer was pulled from the table and I was told to pursue arbitration, which resulted in nothing for me except the Ford Customer Satisfaction Team will no longer work to assist me.

Ford does not value their customers, nor do they stand behind their product; they blame others. All we heard, is why should Ford be blamed for Microsofts' issues with this product. Well, Ford, since you purchased the software, installed it in your vehicles, and maintenance it, it is your problem.

Offender: Ford Motor Company
Country: USA   State: All USA

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