PARK WARD MOTORS Rodd Sala grossly misrepresented condition of a 1977 Rolls Royce sold on eBay

Rodd Sala grossly misrepresented condition of Rolls Royce sold on eBay Barrington Illinois
The following are verbatim portions of Rodd Sala's eBay ad for a 1977 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow:
======================================================================"When I received the car, I carefully put it through its re-commissioning stage. All mechanicals, suspension, electrics, controls and functions were checked and made operational as and where required. Everything works. The hydraulics system was flushed with new Castrol 363 fluid added and all brakes checked, adjusted, hoses changed where necessary and then bled in accordance with Rolls-Royce procedure..... The leather is soft and supple. The burl walnut wood is in fantastic shape. It has never been re-done and is very lustrous and deep with the dash having almost no cracks in the lacquer. It looks magnificent.....All features on the car work as they should. A/C is ice cold, heater is hot and climate control works as it should. All gauges are working.....The car is as about as good as you would expect to find. I make no excuse for the fact that it is probably the highest price Silver Shadow II on eBay but I can also assure you it will be one among very few of the best you will find anywhere. The car is not concours standard but very close and could be easily made so. Some may well consider the current condition is already of 'show quality' but given this can be a very 'subjective' definition, I will rate it as a 9/5 out of 10 driver.....I am not a broker or retail car dealer"

Foolishly, very foolishly, I actually thought the man had integrity, especially with all that 100% good eBay feedback; and I failed to have the car checked by a competent Rolls Royce specialist. Big mistake....HUGE........the bottom line is that I bought a $15,000 car for $25,000.

In this 're-commissioning' that was supposedly performed, the entire front suspension had NEVER been lubricated and the car wandered all over the road. The A/C that should have been 'ice cold' has NEVER worked despite the $2,000 I have spent on the system. Cruise control totally non-functional. The 'soft and supple leather' was cracked and brittle and had already been re-dyed. The burl walnut was so cracked and mutilated on the doors (photo attached) so as to defy description, even had two sections of lacquer pieced in as clumsy repairs. When taken to task for this misrepresented wood, Sala stated he placed high value on 'original' wood. Upon delivery, the car leaked fluid from a brake accumulator. Sala's answer was that it probably will go away. It didn't, but after many promises he sent a rebuilt unit that I had to pay to have installed. The gauges that were all supposed to work perfectly did not&the ammeter was non-functioning, the alternator failed and had to be replaced along with the battery. Oh, and the water pump let go and had to be replaced. Don't let him misinform you about his status as a dealer&he has sold well over $1,000,000 of used Rolls Royce cars; yes, a million dollars!! A legally registered dealer, as he should be, would not have been able to sell a car with 10 year old dry rotted tires which did contribute to a dangerous blowout while driving my car. During an inspection of the squealing brakes, one could not help noticing failing grooved rotors and glazed pads. There is now some question about the 'original' 39,000 miles on the odometer and a probable 'forged' title signature.

Sala agreed to pay for half of the wood work, which he conveniently forgot to ever do. I waited nearly 6 weeks for the rebuilt brake accumulator and now I have an additional $7,000 total into the car with absolutely no assistance from Sala. What he called a 9.5 out of 10 is barely a 7. He said the car 'wasn't concours, but could easily be made so'&-it would take another $25--30,000 or more. There are so many paint dings and imperfections that they defy counting.

All in all, I feel the man totally lacks honesty in business dealings. He sounds golden, but is terribly tarnished. His rebuttals are works of art, condescending, accusing, snide and defensive. It is truly a tribute to the marque that he has so many satisfied buyers. Anyone contemplating a purchase from this smooth 'dealer' should avoid the stupid mistake I made and have any car checked very carefully by knowledgeable Rolls Royce mechanics.

Offender: RODD SALA
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: North Barrington
Address: 27080 W. Miller Road
Phone: 8473873431

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