SonShine Motors in Ft Walton Beach Florida
SonShine Team on Con Artists. Stealing from the Good people of

Everyone in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, has seen by now the car dealership SonShine Motors on Miracle Strip Parkway. The orange and yellow painted building, across the street from the Waffle House, next to Red Lobster. The logo sporting the three cross indicating there strong religious faith, using the subliminal message of God to make the average person drop there guard when shopping for a car. Well, I would like to report that SonShine Motors is a team of con artist.

When me and my boyfriend where looking in getting a new car we ventured on to there lot in hope of finding a new car. We did believe we found one, but we couldnt have been more wrong. Since having the car the is in the shop all the time, with things they said they fixed. Only to learn later that they never fixed them.

Also, there has been many times that you will call and no one answers, you leave a message and it is never returned. Most of the time you can never reach them or they hang up on you and say that they lost that call. They tell you they are pastors of churches, but they constantly lie to you about what they are going to do for you or that they fixed your car but then you take it to another mechanic and find out they never did. Or they tell you there is nothing wrong, but then you find out there is some very wrong from a mechanic.

The workers will never let you talk to the owner or the owner dodges you himself, same with the other workers there. There book keeper is constantly getting payments, paperwork, balances, receipt, and other important information and document lost, or messing them up and then hits you with a late fee or other fees when it was her fault.

I have never meet a team of more rude, disrespectful and unprofessional group of people in my whole life. They will constantly try and make you feel guilty about you coming and asking about repairs or why after a week of owning the car you are already having problems with it. They sell the cars no other dealer can, but when people dont have a lot of money or bad credit and they can't go to a Real dealer and they are forced to choose SonShine Motors. But, then after all the problems you find yourself upset and out alot of money.

I hope this helps Fort Walton Beach and everyone who comes to visit.

I will post more at a later date, due to the fact that I am hope to find a lawyer that can help me with the many rights that violated in this deal.

Offender: SonShine Motors in Ft Walton Beach Florida
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Fort Walton Beach
Address: 319 Miracle Strip Parkway SW

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