Bill Summers Nissan

I took in a vehicle for warranty repairs to Bill Summers Nissan. It required a replacement of the engine which was to take 3 weeks.

They promised to reimburse me for the vehicle rental in which I had to lease.

Seventy (70) days later when I went to pick up my vehicle the oil plug fell out spraying the entire underneath side of the vehicle, including the brakes.

Bill Summers Nissan claimed that they had drove the vehicle that there had been no leaks.

One week later I had to rent a transport service to obtain my vehicle because of unknown damage that could of occured when the oil drained from the vehicle. The transport service had to deliver the vehicle 277 miles to another dealership for inspection.

The new dealerships contacted me wanting to know "What the heck had happened?" I explained the situation, and they advised me that they had to completely clean the under side of the car to even look at it. They also had discovered that there was no transmission fluid in the car.

Bill Summers Nissans promise: To reimburse me for expense. They haven't!!

Bill Summers Nissans claims: They drove the vehicle with no problems? How was this possible with a loose drain plug and no transmission fluid?

Bill Summers Nissan inconsitencies: I took out the drain plug? Or was it is possible for it to fall out?

Mechanic working on car while they were waiting for
approval from Nissan to do the work? Why was anyone
working on it?

Mechanic was dismissed from duties? Why? Did he take it out on my vehicle?

I did not maintain my vehicle? Hum? I supplied them with
maintenance records.

No transmission fluid? Isn't this obvious? Since they replaced the block, wouldn't they check all the fluids too?
After all they are the authorized repair place for Nissan.

The list is endless ............

As of April 1, 2011 (April Fools Joke?) the vehicle is still in need of repair. I will not drive the vehicle because I don't know what was or wasn't done to it.

Bottom line - Bill Summers Nissan has been unethical and non-compliant in the warranty repairs of my vehicle. Did I mentioned that this was under warranty? So far I am out of pocket approx $4000.00. WHY? They have been negligent and misrepresented their position in this situation. They need to follow through with promises and think about the consquences of their actions. Especially before the actions can cause irreverseable damages to others.

Offender: Bill Summers Nissan
Country: USA   State: Nebraska   City: North Platte
Address: 3301 South Jeffers
Phone: 3085322500

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