Wheelz Did NOT Honor Contractual Terms and Agreements

I am a first time customer and more than likely a last time customer of AAGI. I recently had filed a claim with this company. The representatives with AAGI are rude and will not speak directly with me. They tell me I must go through the auto repair place and the Auto repair place will speak with them. They state this is their process of filing claims. Thats fair enough, however this never got me any closer to a resolution on my problem. From the information I gathered they are trying to get out of honoring a contract through a technicality of words. Because my part Frayed and didnt break was the reason they wouldnt cover my claim. Bottom line is that it failed and was not reusable. The second claim was a part that cracked and they would give a reason why they wouldnt cover that either. I went to the Person that sold the AAGI service to me and I had him call AAGI. He wanted this resolved and threaten to not only stop payment on a 6,000 dollar check for contacts he had sold the past week, but Stop selling AAGI service until this is resolved. AAGI refused to honor or pay one penny or my claim. I paid for their highest level of service on a 1 year contract and they didnt even honor it within the first 3 months or 3000 miles.

I already spoke to a friend of mine that is an Attorney and he said this situation sounds illegal, and I should be protected under certain customer rights. He has referred me to the Attorney in the Attorney Generals office in my state capital. I am awaiting a call back from him. He also mentioned that if numerous customers had the same or similar issues that there could be a class action law suit against AAGI. Its very sad and disappointing that I have to go to numerous Websites on the Internet and write this complaint to warn others. If I researched this company a little better I would have never done business with them.

Offender: AAGI
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Arlington Heights
Address: 1500 W Shure Dr # 7 Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Phone: 8008586324
Site: www.aagi.com

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