Long Mcarthur dealership
Recall gone bad

in november or december my 2001 windstar had a recall. the rear axels were cracking and could cause an accident. i took my van in and they said that there was no crack in the axle of my van and that they had sprayed it with anti-corrosion stuff to prevent cracks. in february there is another recall. this time it was for clips that help hold the rear axel in place. when i took it in they said there was a crack in the axel and it was unsafe to drive.

i had a lot of trouble even getting them to loan me a car while they had the ven. one service person told me if i need the van i could come and get it. i said that i thought it was unsafe. he said "it will get you from here to there but i wouldn't recommend that you drive it."

about two and a half months later my son went to the dealership to check on the van and it had a flat tire. he asked them to air t up and they said that they would. two days later he stoped again and the tire was still flat. he spoke to the service manager and got yelled at.

i sent an e-mail to customer service at ford motor company and my van was repaired in a couple of days. i went to pick the van up and the receipt said that the customer had been advised that the van was spitting, sputtering and bucking and that more time was needed for diagnostics. funny thing is nobodyever spoke to me about the van.

i went to start the van and because it sat for 2-3 months the battery was dead. they jumped it and i started to leave but the van was spitting, sputtering and bucking. my son was outside the van and he said it backfired a couple of times. i pulled around and went inside to speak to the service manager and he went outside with me. he said since the van was almost empty it was probably sucking sludge from the bottom of the tank. he also said to keep the van running for a while and the battery would charge back up. as i was leaving the lot the van had no power and it took a long time to get up to speed.

The next day a customer rep from ford called and i asked how they could have missed the crack the first time. all she did was give excuses for long mcarthur. I told her how the van was running and she said that i could take it back and they would run diagnostic tests to determine what was wrong but if it turned out that the problem wasn't caused from sitting for 2-3 monthes i would have to pay for the diagnostics and having it fixed.

what gets me is that i took a van that was running fine into the dealer for a recall and it came out running like crap. in fact on my way to work the next night it died on me the police pushed it off onto a side road and my husband had to drive 26 miles to get the van.

i would say to anyone thinking about buying a ford don't! i would also discourage anyone from doing any kind of bussines with long mcarthur. their customer service sucks!

Offender: Long Mcarthur dealership
Country: USA   State: Kansas   City: Salina
Address: 3450 S 9th st.
Phone: 17859144307

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