Amy Brown State Farm Insurance
Unethical Employe

As someone who has been in the insurance industry for 30 years I am writing this letter due to a State Farm Agents questionable practices. As an licensed Agent I m shocked to find out that State Farm Agent, Amy Brown located in Villa Rica, Georgia is promoting unethical behavior to one of her employees Marla Shaddix. Mr. Brown sent Ms. Shaddix who is NOT a licensed insurance representative, to the homes of potential life insurance customers with the mouth swabs required to get a life insurance policy. Ms. Brown told Ms. Shaddix to take the swabs to the potential customers at their home, leave the swabs with them to swab their mouths and then they would be returned to her office to be processed. When has this become an industry standard. In all of my years as a licensed agent we have always required a licensed agent to do the swabs themselves and take them back to the office. I would NEVER leave a swab there for a potential client to do themself. How do WE really know it was their own mouth they swabbed? They could have swabbed ANYONE'S mouth. What if it turned out they had Aids etc. and then the insurance company is out paying a huge life insurance policy on someone who should not have been insured anyway, not tto mentionn that the chain of command has been broken with the swabs. The agent has NO idea where the swab has REALLY been! I am absolutely shocked and floored that this type of behavior is being carried out by a licensaed State Farm Agent! What example is this setting for the indusrty? Ms. Brown's staff as well as potential clients. Her reasoning is that Ms. Shaddix goes to church with these potential customers, therefore THEY can be trusted doing their own swabbing. This is absolutely incomprehensible! I hope someone takes some sort of action because this type of unethical behavior is giving the Insurance Industry a horrible reputation. Is this the example we as insurance agents want to set for agents coming into the industry as well as our employees, I think not! I am absolutely beside myself that this type of practice is going on! It needs to stop!

She uses her employees to do HER dirty work in order to make a BUCK!!!

Offender: Amy Brown State Farm Insurance
Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Villa Rica

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