Wrong Address information on someone as well as the only person I know of in this state by that name the wrong age is listed also!

I was checking to see as I had heard that one of my grandsons x-girlfriends had been arrested in Randolph County, NC. I care about the young lady, so I wanted to be sure, I went on your web site. And found you did have information on a Amber (Nicole) Page, you did not have her age correct as she is only 25. She was born in1985. But what was worse is you had my address by her name, she does not live in my home and not even near me, I checked the Randolph County jail rooster that shows she is indeed in their, but they have her address correct! Amber lives at 2044 Poole Rd, lot no. 3, Archdale,NC! NOT, 3406 Hilltop Dr. Archdale or High Point, NC 27263! I get mail at both addresses as the zip code when put in computer spits out High Point,NC. This my address, there is no Pages who live here and as I bought this land and had. The first home ever to be her built here, I know for a fact no one by the name of Amber Page lives here and never has! Please get your records straight! I'm tired of seeing not only you but these so called magazines or papers who she people who've been arrested from different counties and states showing my address under different people I've never even heard of as living here! I live alone and have since before I built this place nearly 35 years ago! Take my address off your records and if you put things in here please ck the facts, and make sure your records are correct! Funny you guys get their name and sometimes even their picture correct, but other important facts you do not even ck to see if they are correct! Take my address out of this as no one lives here but me and I am a Reynolds and am 66 yrs. Old, the only other person that ever lived at 3406 Hilltop Dr. 27263 in Randolph co, NC which with this zip code can appear as High Point, NC, or Archdale, NC is my x and that was 34 yrs ago, and his name was G C. McDowell! So please take my address out of your system, and as you put the correct address in for this young lady, pooles trailer pk, lot no. 3, remember your other info on her was also way off base as she is only 25yrs. Old! Not 38 yrs. Old as you have down. Her family all except her mom lives in Asheboro to my understanding and I have no address where she lives! I wish this young lady the best in life, if she'd just get help and stay away from these guys who seem to be the only ones that let her stay with them, she may be a fine young lady one day! At least I pray she will, a lot of our youth today, make one mistake and without family or someone to help them get bk on the right road, they just keep on until they have no where else to go, I feel it's so sad! I wish I were younger and could help financially, I'd open a place for each sex seperate and have people to try and help them become productive citizens,and then, maybe God willing there'd be less people in jail, and our youth would have a chance today! Maybe you guys with your withal and financial security could try this! I guarantee it would be a lot more rewarding! I know you think why I didn't try to when I was younger? If I could have financially and physically I would have, also if I knew what I know now about a lot of our young people and how or why they got started in this path of destruction, I would have! But I am in an electric wheelchair now, and can't even afford to fix the ramp off my bk porch to where I can ride my wheelchair down it let alone get a handicapped van I can get around in! But I am eking on walking some no matter what the Neurosurgeons say! I refused to go to a rest home and I have taught myself to walk some! As well as I can vacuum, wash my dishes and clothes, and cook for myself without to much trouble, and I do it my myself, I live on a small Social Security check monthly and it takes all I have to survive or I'd still try to help some of these young people! If I could get a handicapped van and get my ramp fixed I'd see if the Sherriffs dept. And the people over the jails would let me visit and talk to these young ladies and guys in jail for non-violent crimes to try to see if I could help in anyway! This is a weight on my heart right now, but, if I can't, I pray someone else will! In the meantime, I can and will pray for these young people, who knows but for the grace of God this could be you or me or one of our loved ones, I grew up w/o a Mother or Father in my life and no money, married and had three children while stll a teenager and I finished high school, and also went to College and worked two jobs at the same time. When I had to quit working in1997, I hated it, but due to health had no choice then in2010, on my B'Day, I woke up paralyzed from my waist down, discs had ruptured in my neck! After two surgeries, and the best Neurosurgeon in us in my mind, or at least at Baptist Hospital, in Winston-Salem, NC! I am at home and can stand long enough in my kitchen to fix my meals, clean my house, take care of myself, and now I can drive my car to church. Of course, I can't go places and enjoy my life or help others as I can't get my wheelchair into my car and can't afford a used handicap van, but who knows what the future holds I may even get to where I can really walk again! No matter how many Drs. Say I'll never be able to, I've already done more than they thought! And if God takes me tomorrow, I will be thankful for all He has done for me! I just hope that some of these young people will be Abe to say the same one day, these young people (a lot of them anyway) , can be reached! The can become good productive citizens if only someone tries to reach them instead of everyone knocking them down! Please someone give them another chance, reach out to them, find out why and where they went wrong, and help them find their way back!

Offender: InstantCheckmate
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: NV
Phone: 18664905980

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