Bedford county free press

I am an elected official in Bedford County Pa. The owner of Bedford County Free Press Randy Delozier is harassing my family and I. I am tired of this. He has been allowing people with fake names to post on his website untrue things about me. He has taken pictures of me out with my children and saying things like good lord you would think this elected official would have enough money to buy a bra ... her tits are hanging down to her knees. I should say that he doesnt post these things under his name... he allows others and he uses fake names. His site is supposed to be a news site. But this stuff is under a topic Bedford County Raw. I have had numberous phone calls about him... people telling me what is on his site. I went there tonight to get screen shots.. other then that I don't go on his site. I dont believe that he should be allowed to get away with this. He is destroying peoples lives. He has allowed people or himself to call me a whore - to make accusations that I have men come to my office for sex. I am sick and tired of this harassment. Please do something about this.

Offender: Bedford county free press
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Hopewell

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