Burger King

I worked a Burger King up til a lil bit ago after I saw how t maager ( Melissa) treats he crew she is rudebad moutstm and even threatens to take days and hours away if and when she sees ft. I he heard her tell another crew member how se was gonnagetsomone she didnt like to quit by taking her hours away s she wouldhve to quit an if she puts down Burger King as a place she worked the she can tell the new place she is tring to get a job at that shedid show up for work just make her sund bad. No matter how much some on tries to do ther job down there its never good enougfo her ad then she yells at the crew member belittles them in front of everyone. She tells us no rumors are to be started ad eisthe one starting them. Ihave also heardhr sa many times befre let somone make a complaint on her who will corrperate believe the crew the manager I think you need to keep a check on the manager Melissa

Offender: Burger King
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Harrsburg

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