Waste Management
unfair working conditions

What a joke of a company! There have been countless complaints coming out of this branch (all mostly about the same person) but yet nothing is being done to fix it instead the hard working employees that do the hard work are been told that the monster causing all these problems is an perfect employee (wonder who's bed her shoes have been under?) A few examples of this...one previous employee found that his baby's heart was no longer beating (the mother was mid term in the pregnancy) and that the mother would have to deliver the still born...needless to say he was refused time off!!! Doesn't WI have some kind of funeral leave that is madatory for employees when it comes to the death of a child or any other immediate family member? Why was he told that he had to finish his route before he could leave the day he found out? Also why was he not granted leave for the next day when the stillborn was being delivered instead he was threatened that he didn't come in or if he left early he would be terminated. Only imagining he state of mind at that time I can only assume that it would have been somekind of life critical rule to not have him on the road driving one of those huge trucks. The payroll is another joke...why is it when you work a full week you don't get a percent for 3 out of the 5 days...only your lowest percents show and give you such a joke of an average that you are getting paid the same if not least than your base pay? And than you question why this happens and you checks get smaller and smaller for the next couple of months regardless of the hours work? Or how you can have 2 weeks with the same hours and percents but the pay is almost $ 200 less! And all they can tell you is that payroll doesn't understand the formula as to how they pay you so they can't explain it to the employees...I can explain it...COVER UP to make the head guys more money!!! So many more examples I can't even being to list them all...All I have to say is that Waste Management of Fond du Lac is a horrible place to work for and Heater makes it unbearable to be there...It hurts not only their employees but their employees families too!

Offender: Waste Management
Country: USA   State: Wisconsin   City: Fond du Lac

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