Securitas Security USA
Bad Company

Don't work for this company.You might think it is ok at first but give it time.I worked for them and they let me go like I was trash.I worked at a Hotel that was Dangerous at times.Many drunks and some fights and some real weird people.I told the office I need backup and they said no. They are all about the place you work for and not about you at all.They called me one day and said that I call the police to much.Well to bad.If your out numbered and drunks give you a bad time I will call PD.At times there would be 300 for a wedding and no help.So if you want to work for a company that does not give a Crap about you then this is it...Your just a piece of meat to them...Read about what happened in Kauai Airport and a Securitas Guard it is funny...That's LIHUE AIRPORT KAUAI...I am sure it was not the guards fault to kick people out of the airport when it was closed...Try getting paid if you have to stay and do overtime due to heavy rains and storm...The office would just laugh at you...

Offender: Securitas Security USA
Country: USA   State: Florida

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