poor management and customer service

I have a problem with this lowe's on west colonial. They are not professional people, I must admit there are a couple there but not many. You can never get any help on the sales floor. The management sucks after there was no help in the department i was in I went to the front to get someone to help me. The young lady got me an manager and she was not any help at all she had no knowledge and seemed to be very confrused. Again this was a manager she was very breif and short with helping me which really didn't help at all. But as I left out the door I looked around and saw alot of red vest satnding around the front door talking and laughing with the manager. There were two cashiers working with lines long. But we had about 5-6 people at the door talking. This is why I hate coming in lowe's poor customer service. I must say out of the whole lowe's store there are two young ladies that always stand out with great customer service is Taniesha and Sara. When they are not there I don't like going there. Two of lowe's best assets, very nice ladies wish everyone was like them.

Offender: Lowe's
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando

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