Ford Motor Company
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My husband has been working for Ford Motor Company for 13 years and he worked at the Rawsonville Plant and was transfered to the dearborn plant not even doing his trade, he is on the line now. He was put on C-crew and that is Firday and Saturday days and Sunday and Monday nights which is till 4am. He just bumped to days and they are saying that he has to go by plant seniority and not company seniority. The company recognises his company seniority by not the union. They are making him go back to C-crew with the screwed up hours and every weekend. The guys that are going to bump him back only have 8 years, I dont think its fair at all, I think its a crock and the union is a joke.

Offender: Ford Motor Company
Country: USA   State: Michigan   City: Dearborn

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