Burger King Corporation
Discrimination and set up

Yes every since December 2009 my manager has been trying to get rid of me cause she found out I'm mixed with black when she found out she said and I quote I feel so sorry for you she's been trying to get me to quit by dropping my schedule from 37 hours a week to 10 hrs a week some times she wouldn't even schedule me I've truer hanging in there trying to prove how good a worker I am but didn't work ok she's written me up for my drawer being short a couple of times I was even suspended but I should not held accountable for the fact that there suppose to count my drawer in front of me and they would refuse to and that's the law but a couple times my drawer came up short was when the manager said go head and go home I'll count your drawer at the end of the night I refused and he threaten to write me up for insubordanation so I left but when I told my distric manager about it she refused to check the camras this last time I came out short the manager had my write up written before she counted my drawer and when I tried to watch her count my drawer she shut and locked the office door then came out saying my drawer was twenty bucks short she said I can quit or get fired I didn't want to be fired so I quit but there's a lot of wrong that was and still is going on this last time I was short when she gave me the choice to quit or be fired was on 6/4/10 but I think I should have been held responsable and all of the manager smoke pot on the job and that should not go unpunished. I know It descrimination the was not happening until my boss found out I'm mixed she wouldn't even investigate all that went on but I have a lot of people who will witness for me somthing needs to be done seriously.

Offender: Burger King Corporation
Country: USA   State: All USA

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