Burger King
Burger King wheres The CHEESE!

I to am pist! For over thirty years I have got the double cheese burger. Take note the key word is (DOUBLE CHEESE!)AS IN TWO NOT ONE!
But,what realy gets my goat is that they are charging the Customers more for less! Thats right the double patty is still as much is a double cheese. So what The self proclaimed King of burgers is trying to say is screw you! we will take your money and give you less then nothing in return. At least Mc Donalds gives there customers a choice. The now cheese less King of Bugers will have to work real hard to win my money back. and I am not alone in my critcism. just like there cheese, they may start to see there business disappear!

Offender: Burger King
Country: USA   State: All USA

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