the hilton afinity
ude. worst place ever.

I was on at the san jose convention center for my cheerleading compition and the conventtion center was combined with a Hilton hotel. I saw a girl sit in a hotel chair in the lobby and she was laughing alot. A man came and pulled the chair away and told her to stop rudley. The Hotel had a little resturant called "The Afinity" and connected to it was a lounging area outside with a fire place. Me and some of my friends went to sit by the fire, we were laughing and having fun when a tall man comes out and points his finger to the door leading to the convention center. "Out! This spot is reserved, out out!" We all looked at eachother and slowly walked away. We looked back and saw that the place was reserved by 5 little children and a LA Victory cheerleader we had met. After that me and my cheer buddy were having a quick diner at the Afinity before we had to get on the vans Back home. We walked in and there was no one at the front desk. We saw waiters watching a game and not really paying attention. We walked over to a waiter and asked for a menu. Without looking at me or saying a word he picked up a BREAKFAST menu and threw it at me and continued watching the game clapping at the tv. I grabbed a diner menu and sat in a clean empty table (alot of the tables still had peoples meals left on them) in 5mins a nice woman come to us and took our orders and gave us our drinks. We were notified by text that our cheer team was leaving. So we paniced. I waved a waiter down tellong him to get the woman who had been our waiter but he flew past me and told me "you must wait" i felt like screaming at him but i contained myself. Relifed to see the woman with our meals i asked her for the check and togo boxes. She went back and when she did come back she has forgot the check. So she took her sweet times getting the check. I asked the fly by waiter again to ask the lady to come back or for him to help us but he yelled at me and went rushing to the dining room as if the resturant had any customers. The woman came back and i gave her a 5 dollar tip and we ran out. I was so angry that the people just treated us like that! I would never eat there again amd the food they gave me was uncooked.

Offender: the hilton afinity
Country: USA   State: All USA

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