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LIES, LIES, and more LIES - whopper j

I'm 37, from NJ and have always chose BK burgers over all other burgers. The flame broiled taste just can't be beat...except when placed in the microwave! SO. I always order by burgers off the broiler. BUT! I moved to Richmond, VA last year and have had the worst BK experience. The first time the employee went off on me because I told her my burger had be nuked and she said it hadn't so I removed the top bun to reveal the melted mess, then the bottom bun to show her the brown liquid soaked bun with steam rising. She continued to stick to her story, but when she saw I wasn't buying it, she stated that it was against the law not to nuke it, by order of the Virginia Dept or Board of Health (what the HECK!....BUT you just said my burger wasn't put in the microwave!) Even the coworks in the background were looking like, I can't believe she just said that. She even told me not to come back. I immediately contacted the DM, who was very apologetic and sent me to another BK that she ran on Patterson Ave. I must say...the service was EXCELLENT. And when I told them what happend, they just shook their heads and laugh and the gall of some people. But I made sure to remind the DM that those comments against a gov't agency could be considered slanderous and I would be more careful about the people you hire. Well, I have since moved near the BK on Brook Rd....boy it just gets worse. Last night, I went through the drive thru, ordered my burger off the broiler, but as I drove away, I went to take a bite of my burger and the steam produced sweat beads on my nose. I parked, went in and spoke with the manager. I told her I ordered my burger off the broiler, so she yells back to the cook, "she ordered it off the broiler". He replies I did get it off the broiler. SO. She turns to me with dismay, as if I'm lying. SO. Once again, I removed the top bun off to reveal the melted mess. Then the bottom bun, and YES, the steam was still rising...so she quickly jumped into defensive mode. She stated well, if you don't want your burger in the microwave then you must say that. I replied, "that's the whole point of saying off the broiler!" She said, it isn't. After we take it off the broiler, we HAVE to microwave it to finish cooking it, especially with cheese. I quickly brought it to her attention that my burger didn't even have cheese. It was clear,she was LYING! She had the cook remake my burger and he threw it down the shoot, stating..."here take that". I know it takes longer to cook a burger off the broiler, but if a customer is willing to wait, what's the BIG DEAL?? I think some of these people are lazy and believe that the location of their store determines the customer. Which isn't the case; I live in a nice area, this BK just happens to be the closest to my house. I'm so fed up with this type of customer service. These employees need to remember that they WORK for BK, and are not the CEO's! As a paying customer I should have the right to a fresh burger off the broiler, not one out of the microwave with the mayo and ketchup so hot they've turned to liquid and the brown juice from the burger soaked up in the bottom bun, and steam so hot it looks like a science project! Customers should not have to jump through hoops for good food....and whatever happend to "HAVE IT YOUR WAY"? Thanks.

Offender: Burger King
Country: USA   State: All USA

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