I had worked for McDonald's for about a year and three months. I resigned of course. Well as everyone all knows that this is the worst place to work for, but no one knows what we did there. I was kinda scared to post this at first not knowing how far this will go, but then again this is the internet and the internet is public. Anyways! I had work there for over a year. The first thing that sucks there is the scheduling. And if your an employee at McD's than your probably laughing right now because you know how bad it is. Basically, you give them your availability when you're hired. That availibility will stick with you for about 3 months tops. I say 3 months because there are over 60 employees that they have to worry about and so on. They DO NOT care if your in school (high school or college). They will still schedule you to work on days when your at school. I don't know why but they just do that. I was scheduled one time, my senior year in high school at 2:00pm and my 6th period wasn't over until 2:30pm. Well I called them before that day and they were getting all frustrated, and pretty much when you call a day off, they will give you lesser hours because they assume that you don't want to work there. Only dumb thing was is that I was in freakin school! High school! when the law says I have to be there. That outta tell you something how idiotic those managers are. And another thing about calling off. If your sick, like fever, sorethroat, throwing up, etc... GO TO WORK! If you call off for that then they are going to want a doctors note. Who would go schedule an appointment, pay 15 or 20 bucks (if insured) for a fee to see him and ask for a note because your genuinely not feeling well. They will never understand that and will not compromise. You are warned!

Secondly, pay raises. There is a slight chance that you will get your performace report. A performace report is something you get through McD's every 6 months of working there. Depending on how good of a job you are doing they will score you. The lowest score will get you a 10 cent raise, then if scored a little higher it will get you a 15 cent raise to a max of 25 cent raise.Surprisingly, I got mine when there were people who were working there for like 1 to 2 years and never had one. I had a 10 cent raise and never officially saw it on my pay stubs. I didn't really care anyways and I still don't. This is for your expertise.

Now in this section I am going to talk about the work. Everyone has their own work station. Whether it's making fries, working the grill, working on table (making food), or working register (which is a bitch by the way). Back drive thru was the hardest because at the store I was working at, we would get busy like crazy, especially on holidays. It's pretty much multi-tasking like a motherf*****. But it's better than front counter register because if someone yells at you, it doesn't piss you off too much because you can't see their face. As far as cleaning the dining and kitchen area, it kinda sucks. Just do a half-ass job and they wont care. With every other work station, it's not too bad.

Now. In this last section. This is the part I was scared to post in the beginning, but I don't care now. If someone aproached them with this then they will just deny everything. I'm going to just lay everything out there now. We smoked weed alot with the managers and crew. Usually in our cars or the big dumpster area. The managers I smoked with went by the names of William Velarde and Eric Montgomery. William would usually smoke while he was on his 10 or his 30 min break. Other co-workers I smoked with went by the name of Ashley Hernandez, Terrance Martin, Jose Rios, Dylan George. Also a manager by the name of Connie Carr once told me that she got one of the crew members drunk off of four lokos outside the store. And this crew member was under 21. William Velarde had an affair with an assistant manager by the name of Andrea Salazar, according to Arnita Jacob who secretly heard them talking. We would drop food on the floor and pick it back up and serve it to poeple. If a cheeseburger or hamburger etc... got old, then we would put it in the micorwave and heat it up and serve it out. If the meat was old we would serve it anyway. No one ever noticed unless the bun was hard. No one ever washed their hands. The company will tell you that their first rule is "cleanliness" and will say that all employees are required to wash their hands every 20 mins. And will also say thats expressed in training new members so that they will know. But in reality no one ever did. Only time they washed their hands was when they were going to eat their own food on their break. Other then that we served you guys food with dirty hands! Haha! Ok not funny. We didnt even care. I think that is pretty much about it. It was pretty much a shitty place to work at. If anyone wants to work fast food I would say go work at In-N-Out. I have friends that work there making 10 an hour and they love it there. Case closed!

Offender: McDonald's
Country: USA   State: California   City: Ontario

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