First of all last week my daughter asked for 2 fish filets, with extra sauce, and shredded lettuce. Along with fries, smoothie, and a drink. Got a chicken sandwich without anything on it, and one filet without anything on it, and fries were old, and whimpy! Plus no receipt. I called, and explained to the manager. They said they found the receipt, and we could come in and get 2 new meals anytime. My daughter comes in a few days later, and only able to get ONE meal! Then today on 8/14, She requested a wild berry smoothie, fries, and 2 filets with extra sauce, and "shredded lettuce". They gave her a Cherry berry chiller, and the filets had One big leaf lettuce on it instead, even though the print out on the box says Shredded lettuce. This is quite frustrating to constantly have bad customer service! I filed a Feedback complaint online at This needs to change, or we will never go back!

Country: USA   State: California   City: Sacramento

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