ipped off

I was told my charge for my filet of fish meal was $5.85. I gave her 3 quarters, a nickel and 3 pennies. Then I handed her a $20 billl. I couldn't see her drawer since it was the drive through. She handed me a five. I told her I gave her a 20. She went balistic and called someone to open the drawer. She's waving tens at me saying she doesn't even have any 20s. They took the 5 back and told me to pull up to the white line. While my food was getting cold I waited. The manager came out who was not any older the the teenager at the window. She handed me my 5 and told me they counted the drawer and they weren't over. Either the girl at the window pocketed my money or the manager was covering for her. I don't feel comfortable going to this mcdonald's again knowing these girls are there.

Offender: McDonalds
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Belleville

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