Thai Villa Restaurant
ips customers off, ruins their food on purpose, serves them bad food mocks them awful place

Beware of this place it is a horrible place with bullies and jerks there who treat good customers like dirt, mock them and ruin their food and laugh as they walk out-- terrible place full of really bad people...

If I could give negative reviews to this terrible place I would-- please beware of this place...they treat good csutomers very badly and are almost abusive to them, serve them bad food and mock them after doing so. I was a good customer of this place for a long time-- I get an order at least every week or twice a week-- recently the orders ive been getting semed kind of 'bland' as if they werent adding enough sauce, and they weren't. So I asked them for extra sauce as usual, however when I got my dish, there literalyl was barely any sauce and it was very very bland. It was hard to eat b/c of the blandness so I went back to try to get some extra sauce. The people there were VERY rude...the rude nasty female cooks from the back were there and were claimnig they can't give extra sauce...its a 'separate dish.' This is totally incorrect, as they used to make it with normal amounts of sauce, and now they aren't, and every thai restaurant can do this.

They still declined saying they can't and were being difficult and rude...very very rude...I just wanted a little bit of sauce to add flavor to it&ive been to other restaurants and they can do it easily- but might charge for the sauce. The rude cook said "well if you want to get extra sauce you have to ORDER another dish--huh"? They were giving me an impossibly hard time, just to get some extra sauce for a dish? seriously? Horrible service...they were almost blatantly mocking me...finally they agreed to put extra sauce but said "if you dont like it-- we can't return it" tehse very sick and MEAN people.. did this with the INTENT of screwing up my dish on purpose... so when they gave me back my dish-- they had slopped a TON of what looked liek soy sauce on my dish??? it wasn't even the sauce that was supposed to go on there and even if you cook it together its not the right sauce...they could have just given it to me on the side but these monsters and bullies purposely ruined the dish on purpose...I this soy sauce? SHe said, said it's the 'chili' sauce that they put on the dish but of course it wasn't... it made the dish basically unedible and i didn't want to try to ask for a refund, but wanted to warn peopel about how bad this stupid establishment is and how they treat customers...Also the amount of sauce they put was ridiculous and they basically drenched the dish in some kind of soy looknig sauce that made it taste terrible--

after they purposely ruined my dish and i was leaving, they were laughing at me as if first they ruin my dish then mock me for it&horrible HORRIBLE restaurant...very mean people work there...and they treat paying customers like dirt. And the last time i went there&these jerks accused me of ordering something I didn't order and had it in my bag-- when I said I didn't order it a very rude female argued with me claimnig I did on the phone and the other girl overheard her&the dish she claimed I ordered I don't even eat that kind of meat and she was being rude about it& this place is so so terrible and the thai people that work there are just awful == they are abusive to GOOD customers and purposely mess up their food, rip them off then laugh about it...and laugh at them as they are leaving...this is how you treat good customers? if I worked in a restaurant you wuoldn't ever catch me treating someone so badly...especially a good paying dare they-- and they mock the people too AFTER ripping them off, and purposely messing up their food making it unedible...stay away from this awful place...and the awful mean people and jerks that work there...

Offender: Thai Villa Restaurant
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Winter Park

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