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When approached by the malicious sales people from (RDC) I started out the conversation with "if you are here to try and sell vouchers, then the meeting is not necessary as we have many vouchers out there still unredeemed through Google offers, and Livingsocial." They were quick to say that we would benefit from exposure on their website and that it provides a way to make reservations quickly and easily. We were informed that we could sign up and have a place on their site so that when we were ready to have them sell vouchers it would already be in place. LIE, LIE, LIE!!! As soon as we were up on their website they started selling vouchers immediately. We put in a call to RDC who proptly replied that there is no delays to the sales of the vouchers. We had them quickly initiate the cancellation process which takes 90 DAYS???!!! They claim to want to help restaurants, yet they are hell bent only on their own profitability at the merchants expense. They are the only voucher sellers out there that do not split revenue with the merchants. Instead the only benefit they try to provide is by the patron by having them spend over the discount amount, and add 18% gratuity prior to the discount application, and that is it. Merchants beware the terms of their agreement is 1 year, where they will sell as many vouchers as possible, and the agreement is automatically renewed unless you cancel and the cancellation takes 90 days!!!????!!! RDC is only looking for its own benefit from the merchants without providing any benefit to the merchants (the very definition of a parasite). Restaurant owners beware DO NOT SIGN ON WITH THEY ARE CANCER TO YOUR BUSINESS and it is terminal. RDC is quite possibly the worst thing to ever happen to the restaurant industry. Parading around as if they can help your business while aiming only to sell as many vouchers as they can and all the while strong arming the small businesses by forcing them to dole out $10, $25, $35, $50, $100, $150 of your product for as long as they can, and even after you have cancelled out of their program they still expect you to honor the ones they have sold for a year after they were purchased. TELL EVERYONE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEY WILL BLEED YOU TILL YOUR BUSINESS IS DEAD!!!

Country: USA   State: South Carolina   City: Portland

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