Mcdonald's 06/13/11 3:00 p.m.
Too many immature teens and bad management

There are too many young immature teens working in Mcdonald's. No one wants to move to take orders, the look of unhappiness upon the faces and not too mention rude and inexperience management skills. I drove to the drive through to get 3 vanilla milk shakes. I was told to drive up and someone would bring them out. I sat there for 5 minutes waiting on 3 Milk Shakes. I went inside and two employees are looking at the machine. No one tell me we are having trouble with it. I politely tell them I need to go and I ewant my money back. The acknowlegement ws very slow. Finally a rude and sassy mouth manager come from the back and says" What seems to be the problem"? A young assistant manager responds that the machine is not working properly. He shows her there is no problem with the machine by placing his finger under the flow of a very yello ice cream substance. Then he turns to me and says"would you like to taste it", after I say, " that does not look the same as before". I finally got my money back but I will not go back in there. My friends and family will not either. The Mcdonald's in Alexander City becomes worse and worse. The manager is a black male with earrings in his ear, just so there is no mistake.

Offender: Mcdonald's 06/13/11 3:00 p.m.
Country: USA   State: Alabama   City: Alexander City

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