Dunkin Donuts
DUMPin Donuts

WHAT A DUMP! So Valentine's Day is coming up, and I was dying to try Dunkin Donuts ' special Valentine donuts. You know, the brownie batter and cookie dough ones that you see advertised everywhere. So I walk into my local Dunkin Donuts store on 18099 S Dixie Hwy and I was hit in the face with a smell that was so strong and smelled like burnt donuts. The revolting smell didn't get in my way, though because I really wanted to try the new donuts. So I walk up to the counter, which looks so bare that I wouldn't be able to order 2 dozen donuts. Almost everything was out of stock. Might I remind you that this was in the morning. There were no special donuts, and hardly any normal donuts! The workers at the cash register told me to come back TOMORROW. TOMORROW!? IS THIS A JOKE?! How ridiculous! If you have your donuts that you are advertising and they are special edition I advise you make EXTRA! Don't tell me to come back tomorrow. I am absolutely appalled with their business. Never will I EVER go back there, and never will I ever spend money at ANY Dunkin Donuts I come across for the rest of my life.

Offender: Dunkin Donuts
Country: USA   State: All USA

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