Dunkin Donuts

I work for Dunkin' Donuts, my manager is quick to write some of us quickly yet her favorite few have the run of the store, they can just walk in half hour to an hour late with no consequences. While other people have no choice to stay late. They can stay on the clock and go out to eat or even shopping with the manager and it is OK. I can't report her to her OM or even her GM because they think she is perfect. It is very frustrating for those of us that are hard workers because we do our jobs, and we also do her favorite crew members jobs because they are always huddled in one corner talking or joking around while we are all stuck taking out trash or sweeping or mopping or waiting on customers. I find this very unfair and frustrating. Who can I report this to without having to worry about losing my job. I have been here for years, this is a relatively new boss, but I love my job and customers.

Offender: Dunkin Donuts
Country: USA   State: All USA

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