After waiting 11 minutes

They started off not having grilled chicken, the only reason I go there. They had 8 pieces and I wanted 10. They gave me 2 original recipe to make up the difference, that's fine. I asked for 10 chicken bites and as she was repeating my order back, she forgot to say those so I corrected her and she added them on there. I waited 11 minutes in the drive thru for my food and when I got home I did not have my chicken bites. The only thing I was going to eat, so not only did I not get my food but the other person I ordered for got old grilled chicken pieces that tasted like they were sitting out for hours. And I paid $30.00 for our meals and only ate biscuits. To say the least I am furious! I work 12 hour days, the last thing I want to do is come home and cook. So I stopped there and they messed my order up and I had to cook anyway. And wasted money that it shows on my recipe I was charged for and paid for!!!

Offender: KFC
Country: USA   State: All Country   City: Y314014

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