Steves Famous Diner- daytona beach
They should close this down! The Rude of The Rude are here!

I came here on vacation the first time I entered this "diner". the table was sticky, the waitress was not friendly or attentive and never came back to table after delivering the food. (the floor was empty) so no rush. we ended up paying another waitress because we called her to do so. could it be that they are pregidous? or just plain rude?
ok. so I came back on business trip and decided to give them another chance. this time I ordered to go. I sat to wait. my breakfast was thrown on a table on the other side of the room and the "waitress" yelled "here you go"... so I walk over and advice her "next time you should take it to the table of the person" to what she answered " ooh I thought you were sitting here" to which I said you saw me over there" she answered by turning here back on me and moving some drinks from the cooler. so I paid the cashier and asked to speak with the manager... to my surprise! the Rude Lady that did not care for my satisfaction as a money paying client was called over... she said " I am the super v. and owner of this establishment.. I was appalled with the lack of respect, professionalism and rudeness of this woman. even then I asked her name "Marissa" she said...I gave her advice in a nice mannered way on how her and her employees customer service should be reviewed and bettered for the sake of the business. but now I realize that the employees are un friendly, rude and not customer service oriented because their leader/owner has no people relation skills. Never Will come here again!!!!!!!!!!! that second chance was a big mistake!

Offender: Steves Famous Diner- daytona beach
Country: USA   State: All USA

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