Dunkin Donuts, 316 Boston Post Road, Waterford, CT
It's the Management...NOT YOU!

Some of this is a complaint; some of it is how it should be solved. I don't know what kind of training this "manager lady" has received, but I'm sure it was some sort of rough, shoot from the hip type thing--maybe watching some online videos about management. I'm not impressed with her as a person or as a manager. Extremely phony, wants the "inside" track on everyone...acts like a kid herself in wanting to gossip and carry on with the staff; then, without warning snaps back into an adult role trying to run a "business." You operate a business to make money, stay ahead of expenses etc., but you also have people to consider who help you by working at your business. If you treat them badly, don%u2019t listen to concerns, don%u2019t properly train them%u2026all of these impact your bottom line just as much as customers, sales, and business expenses. Not everyone is made for the retail/food world and you learn that very quickly. In knowing that, people need to understand they may not work out for you in this business and unfortunately you may be letting them go because they%u2019re not a good fit (and this statement was made in reference to something a former employee wrote). Nonetheless, I firmly believe this person runs around with no ears and a very sharp tongue. She doesn't hear what her staff have to say%u2014therefore doesn't deal with internal complaints. Sad, yet true, this is the role of a manager in this type of establishment%u2026to be the bearer of good and bad from an employee point of view by bringing operational and other concerns to the owners of the franchise; to work with employees to solve their work dilemmas, enhance job performance and retrain where necessary. If you really care about your business, you care about your employees and you are active in not only your success but theirs as well%u2014since their success or failure is a reflection of you. Guess this attitude may come from dissatisfaction with one%u2019s job; possibly being displeased in looking at where you are at 40 something years of age. Maybe this isn't where you wanted to be in life, but then again, whose problem is that? When people are employed by a person like this, you really need to look at two things: are you really a problem and how can you solve problems you cause on the job? And something that%u2019s even higher than that question would be is my manager a happy person, satisfied with their job and do they have a fairly good life in general? If you and others can say no to the mix of questions in that second question%u2026management is probably the biggest problem. That person has gotten into too much of a routine and is complacent. Therefore, you would like that person to move on and not run this business%u2014but that probably won%u2019t happen. So, you find ways to cope with this and continue the job knowing you need a job but also knowing you may become negative and that will trickle down to other employees and customers because of the wrath of management. Or, you look to move along, better yourself and when you do, you close the door on this organization and this manager NEVER to open either of them AGAIN!!

Offender: Dunkin Donuts, 316 Boston Post Road, Waterford, CT
Country: USA   State: All USA

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