I have gone to this location a number of times and more than three times they have gotten my order wrong.
Tonight after 7pm I ate at the restaurant in my home town again, and had poor service. I told the waitress I wanted the chicken, bacon club. Cut in half with a half order of fries non-salty. I received two plates with a halp sandwich on each and a half order of fries on each, with salt. I returned the order and told them to just keep the salty fries I don't eat salt.The order was over ten dollars and I said it would be nice if I didnt' have to pay for the fries since I didn't want them salty and didn't eat any. Another male server cam and bought my ticket and told me it all came together and he couldnt' change the price. I told him and the lady who waited on me I would not be coming back again. I have noticed many people getting the wrong orders and they don't say anything about it. I think most of the problems are with the cooks getting the orders wrong they are handed and the waiters just don't want to argue with them. They need new management at this location. The people in Sulphur Springs like to eat out and if their business doesn't change they will not be in this town for long, a lot of restaurants have come and gone in the past few years.
I have eaten at IHOP S all over the country with my husbanfd who is a truck driver and I have never had this kind of trouble before.
I do not want a coupon, I can't print one on my pc, Just please try and fix the problems. We love having good places to eat just not places that can't seem to get your orders right.
Thanks so much. Dissatisfied Customer, Mary Edwards

Offender: IHOP
Country: USA   State: All USA

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