Applebee's Corporation
Unhappy Consumer, Never Dining At Applebees Again (Detractor)

Myself and two others decide to go dine at Applebees off hwy 138 in Stockbridge, Ga Saturday December 7th. We placed our drink orders first and later our food. We eventually received our appetizers and watched as others whom were seated after us received their drinks yet we still had not received ours. Our waitress was nice and kept coming back several times apologizing for us not receiving our drinks yet. 25 minutes had passed, we've been eating our food by now, and finally our drinks arrived and they were the worse. 2 of us had ordered frozen margaritas and one the mudslide. The margaritas had not been mixed/blended and when trying to drink it all you could see and taste was syrup. The mudslide was icy and there was no chocolate in it nor was it creamy. After waiting 25 minutes for our drinks this was a disappointment! We alerted the waitress and she got a manager. The manager, whom I think his name was Carlos, looked at the drinks and said he'd take them back and do them hisself. Finally our drinks came back (which we've finished our food by this time) and now you can see the margaritas were actually blended and the color they should be, no longer seeing Orange syrup. The mudslide on the other hand was now gushed with chocolate, which seemed like a slap in the face since we originally mentioned there was no chocolate in it and it still looked nothing like the picture or tasted like the drink we just recently had at another Applebees! . Now we visit Applebees a lot so we know how all these drinks should look and taste! . After alerting the waitress she then went to get the manager who was a different one from the first time! !!!... this manager (Chad) has made and finalized our experience that we will never dine here again! !!.. first and foremost he never resolved nor rectified the issue! All he did was made excuses and threw his workers under the bus! . First he complained about having to take 5minutes out his night to have to deal with this issue when he had been off work for nine days and this was his first day back and he was ready to go home! . Next he told us we were wrong on how the drinks should be made and the Applebees menu was wrong and they don't use icecream to make the mudslide and that's how it suppose to be. Next he argued back and forth because we've had the same drinks at other Applebees which were made correctly. Never once did he apologize!!!!. Next he blamed the whole staff. He said they ran out of glasses so that's what took the drinks so long so that's not up for conversation. Next he said he didn't see how the first drinks looked for him to say or do anything... he blamed the waitress, the other manager (who admitted that the drinks didn't look right), and the bartender. He said all of them he will get on. He never asked what he could do to make us happy and kept contradicting everything he said!!. We dine at this Applebee alot but this is definitely our last time and we will appear the word around. well before leaving we apologized to the waitress for the manager and how he handled and blamed her for everything!..

Now the next day my friend warmed up the food she brought home and while eating it found a piece of hair and a bacon bit in it!!. She is allergic to beef and pork. Thank goodness she saw it before eating it because something didnt look right!. Now we are really highly angry...

After calling the director who number was on the receipt, we now understand why Chad in management handled things the way he did because upper management was no better! It was made clear that they do not care if you spread the word and take your business elsewhere.

Offender: Applebee's Corporation
Country: USA   State: All USA

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