Dunkin Donuts
"Everything" bagel - Bagels and iced teas

I went to my local dunkin in Goose Creek, SC thismorning and ordered my normal large coffee and everything bagel with creamcheese.. In previous incidents, when they had run out of everything bagels (usually by 9am) they simply tell me that they are out, awsome, no problem, i just substitute it with another item. Yet thismorning, nothing was said, yet when i received my bagel, i had a plain bagel that someone had obviously sprayed with something on the top and dipped it in the leftover droppings from the REAL everything bagels.. And it wasnt toasted as i asked. All i ask for is honesty and got a crappy plain bagel that i didnt order that was baked incorrectly that i overpaid for that i could have bought at my local supermarket. Thank you DnD, i will no longer run on dunkin!

Offender: Dunkin Donuts
Country: USA   State: All USA

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