Burger King in Calhoun GA
HAS GOT TO BE THE WORST BK IN AMERICA - Crappy Burger King service from Chelsea in Calhoun GA.

I was recently visiting my 2 grand kids in Calhoun GA and so I thought for Dinner I'd take the boys to the local Burger King. We were going to eat inside the restaurant but the weather was so beautiful we decided to get our food from the drive up window and go sit somewhere and enjoy our burgers and the Sunset. When I pulled up to the drive thru there was 1 car in front of me. It must have taken this single car with 1 person in it about 25 mins to order and get their food. When I pulled up and commented on the amount of time it took for the car in front of me the cracker jack employee from hell named Chelsea, that's all her name tag said, informed me that the person in the car in front of me was an "ole" friend from her high school daze and she hadn't seen her in "like over a year dude", "so just chill, old man". Now I am 63. Chelsea appeared to be about 20ish. She had a very appealing case of acne which I must admit, does wonders for ones appetite, and of course, since she was a workin the drive thru window at a Burger King in a small southern town, she had all the business acumen of broken Dodo eggs. My suggestion to Chelsea's supervisors. Get her away from any position where she might have to interact with the public. She is a moron and a ticking time bomb. I cant really express in words her disrespect and her tone to someone who is old enough to be her grandparent. I was furious. Again, remember in the car with me were to impressionable boys age's 11 and 13. I did get a little lesson in common sense, manners, business and common courtesy out of the adventure with Chelsea to my grand kids. For that I thank her. But hear me good young lady, if you ever disrespect me ever again with that shit attitude and shrill voice, I will get out of my car and smack you like someone in your family obviously failed to do, a few years ago. you are probably damaged for life and not going to be to successful with your attitude towards your job, your company or your customer's. This countries service workers get shitter n shitter.

Offender: Burger King in Calhoun GA
Country: USA   State: All USA

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