Mc Donalds, Burger King, et al
Never ending "Accidental" shorting of orders, mostly at the drive through

We have ALL been there; we go to the drive thru, order the meal and a few miles down the road find out that we've been shorted...YET AGAIN.

It's NEVER a case where we find an extra bag of fries, or a burger, or even 11 or 12 McNuggets, it's ALWAYS a short benefiting them. How is it they ALWAYS have "Accidents" that favor them?

At 67, and with 5 children, I've probably had a few thousand dollars worth of "Accidents" attributable to these restaurants, and they ALL do the same exact thing. How does that happen?

How hard would it be for these people to put in a computer system that cross-checks that an order has been completed as paid for? A simple check mark system would do. But no, year after year and decade after decade they look at you with a Cheshire cat smile and blame it on their ignorant help who "Made a mistake". If you bitch, you somehow become the jerk.

I guess if I owned a restaurant, or any business that could short a few million people a day for a buck or so, I would not want to put in a control system on my registers either. We're talking pure profit here!

So what's the answer? I think we need to start filing formal complaints of theft with the local police departments. The cops are going to balk, but that is simply too bad for them. If we walk into a store and steal something, we get charged with shoplifting. If we are charged for something they do not give us, they are stealing from us. It being a "Random accident" is now tens of millions of dollars long gone.

Absent that, we need to DEMAND that if we are shorted in an order, they are compelled to give us a cash rebate of an amount of money (That will deter future "Accidents") PER ITEM that was purloined.

Offender: Mc Donalds, Burger King, et al
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Ft. Myers
Address: Central Avenue

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