Taco bell
Where's the meat????!!!

I always used to like Taco Bell - now I'll never buy there again. One night some time ago I ordered 5 tacos. Looking at the picture of that big meaty taco on the wall menu my mouth was already watering. I was handed a bag with the tacos and paid. The wall picture showed about an inch of meat peeking out of the side of the taco - that's an inch high by about 3/4 inch wide. Yummy!! Then I opened the bag and unwrapped my first big meaty... No... Wait a minute. Where's the MEAT!!!? A thin drool of orange grease with perhaps a 1/8 inch thick drizzle of gristle languished under the lettuce and a few scraps of cheese. I quickly asked the clerk what was wrong, there must have been a mistake. No mistake, she said - you know, the picture always looks bigger, that's just "puffing". Well I don't know what Taco Bell management is puffing, but it must be mighty powerful to induce such a vivid hallucination that there was, even accounting for "puffing", ANY resemblance between the pathetic shadow of a whisper of meat microscopically manipulated into position on my tacos and the juicy generous slug of meat in the picture. I pointed out that I had bought from Taco Bell for years and never seen this before. She shrugged - oh well, we DO measure the meat and this is the company policy and standard blah blah blah. She acted as if My memory of all those other tacos must be wrong, because after all she had worked there for years and they were always made that way. In other words she lied through her teeth. I not terribly politely requested a refund and returned the tacos. As I left I let every customer there know they should look closely at their taco and compare to the picture, swore I'd never return, and left. Forever.

Offender: Taco bell
Country: USA   State: Washington   City: Vancouver
Address: 7006 highway 99

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