Wolf & Co Bistro
Kevin Rayoni, Steven Hearn Partners in Crime, Liars and rip off artists, Con Men, Money Laundering, Bad Business Men

It has finally reached the peek, Steven Hearn former CEO of podcastgo and his boyfriend of nearly 4 years have officially opened a new business together called Wolf & Co Bistro. Not only did Kevin Rayoni and Steven Hearn purchase the building for 12K and change, but they somehow got funding to open this place together. Seems fishy if you read past rip off reports of facts from the former CEO? I think not.

I can't say for fact, however investigations are moving forward to tap into this new venture. Hearn was ousted from the CEO position of the former company podcasto, due to "Cooking the books" and running a Ponzi scheme with an outside man. He was stealing money from the company and doing a lot of cash transactions. In the end there was a lot of money unaccounted for.

Rayoni also is involved with assisting the bad business dealings of his boyfriend Steven Hearn, by Hearn writting checks to Kevin from podcastgo and then Kevin would "move money around, clearly in the Bank of America account, would then write a check back to podcastgo from his chase account where there was no money.

Offender: Wolf & Co Bistro
Country: USA   State: Kentucky   City: Covington
Address: 14 E. Fifth Street
Phone: 859655WOLF9653
Site: cincinnati.com/blogs/newintown/2012/04/12/wolf-co-bistro-open-in-covington

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