Worst business i ever visted!!

I am a hard working single mother of three. We live fairly close to the popeyes in wilkinsburg, so we USED to frequent there often, sometimes spending up to 40.00 a visit. I am also very kind, great sence of humor, and get along great with anyone. Seems like every time i went to the popeyes in the past the employees were rude and very unfriendly. The last incident was the LAST!! I ordered another 40.00 meal,which was suppose to include beans n rice, three wings,and a biscutt.( that was my order).

I ordered alot of other things as well,everything to go. Of corse when i came home there was so many things wrong and missing. Usually i blow it off, i work at a restaurant too, understandable sometimes. This time though my rice was green, i took a picture of it, my chicken had to be in the window for the longest time ever,it was so dry. I went back with my meal and was very kind when i asked to return my food for something else. It was the same cashier and everything, i might have been gone twenty minutes,

she looked at the food and said theres nothing we can do because you dont have your receipt!! She clearly remembers me because i stood there forever waiting on it. The employees were all talking loud and basically making me feel like i was ANNOYING for returning my food. I asked for the corporate number and the MANAGER who was as rude as the others gave me the survey number. I ordered another biscut just to get a receipt for the number,DO YOU KNOW THAT THEY ACTUALLY RIPPED THE PHONE NUMBER OFF THE TOP BECAUSE SHE KNOWS I WAS GOING TO CALL!!!

Needless to say i got the number myself off the front door of the restaurant. I called corporate,told what happened, they said they would get back to me.That was two weeks ago and i never received a call back. The company SUCKS and there employees should be replaced. I wish the ceo of popeyes could take a visit there and see for himself. There suppose to be representing his company when all there doing is RUINING THE COMPANYS REPUTATION!!!!!!

Offender: Popeyes
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Pittsburgh
Address: penn ave

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