Los caballeros mexican restaurant
I got sick after eating at Los Caballeros mexican restaurant in Clinton, Tennessee

hey people, Los Caballeros Mexican Restaurant in Clinton, Tennessee looks very clean when you walk in. the servers are top notch as well, but don't be fooled. there's obviously something bad wrong in that kitchen. my friend and i ate there a few days ago.

we had chicken CrAppA-dillas and chicken BaRf-i-tas. a few hours later, we became violently ill with symptoms consistent with food poisoning. i went back to tell the manager i got sick on the food i ate there, politely presented my reciept and asked for a refund.

at first he offered to do a partial refund. then he said he would not refund any of my money because there had not been any more reports, like 2 reports [those of me and my friend] were not enough. i said " so i should pay for food that made me sick ? "

the manager smugly nodded "yes" - fortuately, i have a stronger immune system, than say, an elderly person, or a toddler might have, if not for that, some poor family or families may have been making funeral arrangements this week.

just sayin'- finally, i want to thank usaconsumercomplaints.com and thier legal department for working hard to protect the first amendment rights of consumers by providing this website.

other so-called restaurant review websites delete negative reviews for companies who've done wrong - for a fee ofcourse, so i was so happy to learn that my comments about Los Caballeros will never be deleted from this site, even if the owner offers money to the website to take it down.

the fact that this website shows up at the top in search engines, which in this instance is very important because public health and welfare is at steak here, is also a great public service.

if this complaint saves one person from the suffering i endured as a result of eating at Los Caballeros in Clinton, Tennessee, [which was 2-3 days of cramping, vomiting & diarrhea, along with lost wages because i had to miss work] i will be happy with that. thank you.

Offender: Los caballeros mexican restaurant
Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Clinton
Address: 1115 N Charles G Sevrs Blvd
Phone: 8654636532

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