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First this company came soliciting the sale of their product. They came saying that they were trying to unload a shipment of meat a previous costumer in the area could not pay for. After talking with the salesman (Nate) he offered me a price of 140$ bring it down from 250$ and I finally accepted the offer. After a quick search of the internet I found out that this technique was the same employed to others so from that moment I did not trust the quality of the food I purchased because their are willing to lie to make a sale their product isnt that great.

So I immediately called the Nate asking to come back so I could get a refund, but he diverted the situation saying he was in a rush to get back to his office. He called his manager and notified me that it was against the law to return meat products by the Department of Agriculture and to contact his manager. I called a grocery store to confirm the Department of Agriculture statement and it was also false like everything else the salesman had told me. So then I called the manager (Germane) and asked for a refund. He insisted that I at least try the meat first before I get a return and that I had up to three day to get a refund and would still honor it after trying one piece. So once I was told this I tried to cook one of the pieces of meats purchased. Upon opening a single piece from its own individual packaging the first thing I noticed was that it did not look fresh. I then cooked the meat and after eating it was unsatisfied with the quality and taste of the meat.

The next day I contacted Germane again and informed him of my displeasure, and asked for a refund and he told me that he would have someone pass by my house between 6 and 7 pm. After waiting till 8 pm I realized that likely nobody was coming, I contacted Germane again. After several attempts to contact him I finally got an answer and he told me he would check where the people picking up the order where. Then he gave the phone over to another person claiming to be a manager who told me that they do not do returns and stated the made up Department of Agriculture law. He then proceeded to read to me some document that clearly stated that a return could be made within three day if the product remained intact. I informed him that I was given a guarantee by Germane that I could eat one piece of the meat purchased and he would still honor the refund during that period. The other manager then yelled at me stating that there is nothing they can do about the issue now and that they had me on recording saying I ate part of my purchase. He then continued that he had no desire to talk to me and that his lawyers would be contacting me later in the week.

These guys are a bunch of con artists and have no real understanding of the business they are in. The manager after saying that they dont do returns read me himself a document saying that I could return my product within three day. Also considering I had a guarantee from someone within their own office that they have not honored disgusts me about their business practices. The lied to me multiple times and I believe everything they have told me is a scam and I doubt the true quality of their meat.

Offender: Direct USA
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Fort Lauderdale
Phone: 7542340165

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