Los Caballeros Mexican Restaurant
The chicken far-ti-tas and chicken pu-ka-dillas may give you food poisoning

my friends ate there recently.
they had the chicken pu-ka-dillas and the chicken far-ti-tas.
a few hours later, they were submitting offerings to the porcelain god.
they were unable to eat and were weak for days.
they were unable to go to get medical attention for their symptoms, which were consistent with food poisoning, because they were so sick they could not drive and they could not afford the medical bills that a doctor visit would cost.
one of my friends even missed time from work. they took their receipt back to the restaurant a few days later, they asked for the manager, they explained very quietly and politely that they wanted a refund for the meal because the meal had made them sick. the manager offered to give them a 50% refund at first. then he backed out of that and refused to refund thier money at all, stating " no one else has complained " - like 2 complaints were not EnOuGh! my friends asked him again " so you think we should have to pay for a meal that made us sick for 2 days ? " he smugly shook his head YES.

so all i can tell ya is if you like to puke and crap for 2 days straight and miss time from work, this is the place for you, just be aware that older adults and small children may not have the immune system required to battle food poisoning, food poisoning can KILL. if you insist on eating in this RAT HOLE, best of luck. you'll need it.

Offender: Los Caballeros Mexican Restaurant
Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Clinton
Address: 1115 n. charles seivers blvd

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