Curtis MICO Williams
FOOD SCAM!!! Mr. RUDE!!! This guy Is a cheap ridiculous Food Ripper... He does This number around the Whole city.!!

This guy is a Cheap Dirty Bastard... He grabs Receipts off the floors inside Mcdonalds and he waits for a line to form... He is a slickster he usually targets older woman he will say something like Hey i have been waiting for my meal do you mind holding my spot he will then walk off and come back and say hey i dont understand why my meal is taking so long i spent my last dollar on this food and i am starving. He makes the old woman feel sorry for him and then he will ask can you give me $7 dollars and some change to get another meal i have to go to work. You can just have this meal here is the receipt. He usually does this number around noon and 5. Other Managers have seen him at other locations... He is a tall slender guy somewhat attractive. He usually wears A black jacket.Lets catch this Guy. His name is Curtis Mico Williams He does this number all around time he probably makes $200 a Day.

Lets catch this Scumbag.

Offender: Curtis MICO Williams
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: DALLAS
Address: Harry Hines

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