Paul dillingham - pamela diaz stole $5100 from my acct for loans i obtained myself after being avoided for months

On march 5, 2008 i gave paul $600 to help me obtain a loan. Of course i was told i needed to clear things up. i did. I then received a call from jami weaver saying i need a rapid rescore to better my score that i had already taken care of. Another $500. all is good and she passes me on to Craig Taggart on may 7 2008 he finaly contacted me after 2 months. After that nothing again. One submission after 2 months and rapid recore for nothing. After numerous calls to find out whats going on finally i find out craig ha been fired. Weeks later june 4th Stacie Whisonhut finally called me. That lasted 2 weeks and guess what no more stacy. weeks pass, more phone calls with no response finally in comes Andrea Kyle and after all the supposed work with my file and "expert" service Key bank calls me and tells me i filled out an online application and was approved for $2000. I didnt even know cause no one told me.The amount i signed with this company for and needed was $250,000. imagine how upset i was. I could have filled that out myself. Then i get an email after numerous phone calls on july 2nd i get an email saying i owe a success fee of $200. I called said i wasnt paying it and was told someone would get back to me. Dont forget we are now in july. I got no response or correspondence so i went ahead and obtained loans for myself. 2 days ago my bank account was access by them taking $4230 from it. Its september and i hadnt heard from them since july 2. Unbelieveably they charged success fees on all of the loans i got for myself. Saying i was still under contract with them and its the same as if they did the work. Yes, they stole my money. I suggest anyone dealing with or have dealt with this company to do what ive done and contact an attorney, your state banking dept cause i guarantee they are not licensed in your state, the FBI they will send you a claim form especially if the money adds up, file a police report in carson city and your city, and contact the better business bureau and the state attorney general in NV and your home state.I told Pam and marcio I will get them and i will. This is a scam company. Do not do business with them

Offender: Ezunsecured.com
Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Carson City
Address: 1802 North Carson Street, Suite 212
Phone: 8002010001

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