Capital One
Midleading and bad customer service

I have been a Cap One customer for years. In January I made a balance tranfer to my current APR which was 0%. I asked for the deadline of my current APR before I did the transfer and they told me there wasn't one that they could find so I was good at least until the end of the year. I questioned this and asked if they would confirm all of this in writing. They did, only the sheet they sent me only said I transferred to my current APR - it gave me no deadline for my APR. In April sure enough my bill showed up with a new APR of 9.9%. I called immediately to voice my concern and they told me they would fix the interest rate and that they would refund the finance charge. But sure enough this month the bill showed up with the same APR and another finance charge. I called again and was treated horribly. I was told there was no record of beging told my APR had no end date. I requested that they at least refund my finance charges for two months and was told "No". I was transferred at least 6 times, hung up on twice 'accidentally' - (and no I wasn't yelling) and finally told they would refund one month only. I asked why - because I was never told they declined my original request and she said "HEY - WE DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING HERE -THERE IS NO RECORD OF YOUR CONVERSATION ABOUT THE APR". So I agreed to take one month and I am cancelling my account. I feel that I was purposefully lied to in January just to get me to transfer the money. The old bait and switch game which is supposed to be illegal. Don't use Cap One - they are rude, and dishonest.

Offender: Capital One
Country: USA   State: California   City: City of Industry

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