Capital One
unauthorized charges

I joined the Marine Corps in January of 2009. Prior to going I called Capital One to see if they had a program for service members to put a hold on payments while they do not have access to banking. I was told that they did and my account would be put into it. I asked to clarify if this meant I would owe the same amount of money when I got out of Boot Camp that I currently owed. They said that I was correct in my understanding. I got out of Boot Camp to a bill hundreds of dollars higher. I called and asked them to clear up the problem. After multiple calls and hours dealing with their mistake on my ten days of leave before going to my Combat Training, where I would again be without banking, I finally got them to agree to credit my account the amount that charged in Boot Camp, because I offered to pay the full amount owed the day I left for Boot Camp. When I got out of Marine Combat Training and into my job school, they had only credited $100.00 of the unauthorized charges and charged even more on me not paying the uncredited amount. I called them almost daily and talked for hours trying to fix this, not to mention the 2am-4am calls from their collections department that lead to me explaining and reexplaining my situation. Capital One lies to our service members and cheats them out of money when they are training to defend our country. They are irresponsible and will not own up to their mistake. Eventually, I will be getting out of the Marine Corps and will need my credit score to reflect my financial stability so that I can get a lower interest rate on the home I am planning on purchasing. Capital One is slowing this goal and I hope that everyone that joins the internet "support the troops" groups or has a sticker on their car actually DOES support the troops and not the financial institution that takes advantage of them and their sacrifices.

Offender: Capital One
Country: USA   State: Ohio

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