Benefit Partners/ Robert Ponce, Linda Goble, Tim Schitter
Grant Scammers

My son owns his own business and he was taken for $8000.00 from Benefit Partners for a grant that they were suppose to write and forward onto the Kennedy Endowment Fund He was told that he qualified for 250, 000.00 in grant money. He stopped receiving phone calls about 3 weeks ago. He had a very bad feeling. But the worst part about it is that he is very intelligent and did his due diligence. He found nothing bad about this company, so we told a couple of friends about it and the company took them for $8000.00 dollars each too. That’s 24, 000.00 dollars between them all. After hiring a PI we found out that the mastermind behind all of this is a man named Robert Ponce out of Phoenix, Arizona. Robert Ponce has had a few Grant company scams including Wealthlane Corp and Global Business Funding. Robert Ponce, uses different aliases including Kennedy Daimler and apparently uses Nevada telephone numbers to make it appear he is calling from another state. His co-scamers are Linda Goble (Leslie Anderson) and Tim Schitter ( Tim Snyder). This ring of thieves need to be stopped immediately, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This company preyed on my son’s desperation in very bad economic times!!! This is a crime, NOT just a scam, A CRIME!!!

Offender: Benefit Partners/ Robert Ponce, Linda Goble, Tim Schitter
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Phoenix

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