Washington Mutual
Rip off Helped the thief more than the customer

When I realized that my credit cards and checks were gone they would not close my account or stop any activity until I came into the branch.

Knowing that my checks were stolen they still cashed checks that totalled about $1200 2 of the checks were cashed at their branch! Okay, you didn't stop the activity on the account but then you cash checks that has a signature that is in no way at all like mine. What about a phone call for verification?

I recieved some of the money back but I wish the account was closed forever. The fees they charge now are absurd! Somehow they took my entire paycheck for fees. My direct deposit went in and I had $148. Yeah but it was negative $148! Their answers are so vague your left in a fog about what's going on. I'm leaving with sparks shooting out my butt.

Offender: Washington Mutual
Country: USA   State: California   City: Escondido
Address: 150 N Center City Pkwy

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