Fairbanks Capital
Corp. ripoff & enough is enough

We too are being ruined by Fairbanks Capital Corp. Back in the later part of 2001 they contacted us to tell us that they never received an October of 2000 payment. After discussing this matter with them for a long period of time, we finally got their fax number and we gave them proof. After some time we were still getting telephone calls and letters saying that we were late and that they will be filing foreclosure precedings.

Once again we wrote letters sent them proof upon proof and still no progress in crediting our account. We even went as far as sending them a copy of a whole years checks and bank statements prooving again that we had paid that month and every other month.

Well recently we received a phone call from them stating that we had all this money that was due by such and such date and wanted to know if we were willing to pay it. My wife had told them no and preceded to explain what we have been going through and everything we did for them to proove everything.

Well she informed her that there had been no research being done on our account and therefore she will make a note and we will have to send in the proof again.

We are so over this company--they have ruined our credit by reporting that we are always 30 days late in making our payments, because of the payment they say they never received so every payment we do make, they credit it a month behind. Therfore they keep adding on late charges.

Offender: Fairbanks Capital
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Jacksonville
Address: P.o. Box 551170
Phone: 8002588602

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